California Dreams was a show about 7 teenagers who form a band.  The band first started with Matt and Jenny Garrison in their garage, with their friends Tony Wicks and Tiffani Smith.  And Sly Winkle as their manager and long time friend.

The show had some great storylines and great music all orchestrated by Steve Tyrell. 

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Whatever Happened to the Cast of 'California Dreams'?
Sure, Zack Morris had a cell the size of a toaster. (And Kelly Kapowski.) But was he a surf dude WITH ATTITUDE?! We think not. The cast of the '90s teen sitcom 'California Dreams' might have played second fiddle to those other teen-phenoms on 'Saved by the Bell,' but they still managed to make a pop-culture splash all their own.

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Posted on 24 Mar 2012 by Mel
Season 5 NOT to be Released!
From IMDB- finally after over a year since the release of the season 4 DVD, Shout has officially gone on record to say that they have no plans to release the final season of this show due to low sales.

Please show your support for this show by buying it from their website and posting on the boards! It's only one more season, this show needs to live on as a complete set!

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CD Fans Unite!!
Posted on 28 Jan 2012 by Mel
DVD Release: "Best Of" California Dreams (10 eps)
Dealing with the everyday trials and shenanigans of high school is never easy, but it can certainly be a lot more fun when you put together a rock band with all your best friends! Such is life for Pacific Beach High Schools pop-tastic California Dreams!

10 of the best episodes from this hit NBC Saturday morning sitcom are available in one laugh-filled collection featuring your favorite characters, moments and storylines! Will be released on Tuesday, July 19th!

Posted on 08 Jul 2011 by Mel
Article: How To Make A ’90s TV Sitcom Opener For Teens
How To Make A ’90s TV Sitcom Opener For Teens

Sure it's 2011, but it can't hurt to know the ins and outs of summing up a 30-minute 1990s teen sitcom in 30 seconds or less. Just to keep it in your back pocket. In case it comes up.

Obviously, there were certainly plenty of great openers to choose from, but I always had a soft spot for California Dreams so let's follow it wherever it may lead.

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Posted on 24 Apr 2011 by Mel
Michael Cade's Demo Reel
Watch Michael's Demo Reel on "Blip.TV" !!

Source: Blip.TV
Posted on 17 Mar 2011 by Mel
Jennie Kwan In New Film
Official trailer for Jennie's new film "Play Time" - A 1950s "Picture-Perfect" Asian-American couple argue over a misunderstanding. Two sides. Two perspectives. A modern Rashomon-esque adaptation -- are things really what they seem?

A Good Kids and Visual Communications Production Written and Directed by Roxy Shih
Starring: Jennie Kwan, Hidekun Hah and Isaac Cheung Music by Naofumi Kudo

Source: Jennie's Facebook / YouTube
Posted on 17 Mar 2011 by Mel

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