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Welcome to Hey Dude!, the fan listing approved by TheFanlistings.org for the TV show Hey Dude!. Come join the fan listing as you hang out at the ranch.  Ride some horses, do some chores, grab some chow and hang out with Melody, Ted, Brad, Jake, Buddy, Danny, Kyle, Lucy, and of course, Mr. Ernst!

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10.16.11 - Season 1 of "Hey Dude!" is now available on DVD and Season 2 is coming in January 2012!

08.03.08 - News! iTunes recently put up a ton of classic nick TV shows including Season 1 of "Hey Dude!"

05.09.07 - Added 2 new affiliates: Clarissa Explains It All and Salute Your Shorts

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From episode "Incredible Shrinking Ted" - please no direct linking and ask permission to use.

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Click HERE to download the theme song to "Hey Dude".

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