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 Drink It
Drink It: Apple Juice
For the drink apple juice.

 Surf Dudes With Attitude
Surf Dudes With Attitude: California Dreams
For the NBC Sat. morning TV show "California Dreams"

 Trust Me
Trust Me: Hatter
Hatter from Syfy's "Alice"

 Hey Dude!
Hey Dude!: Hey Dude!
TV Show "Hey Dude" on Nickelodeon.

 Sweet Treat
Sweet Treat: Ice Cream
Fanlisting for all flavors of ice cream.

 The Approved M&Ms Fanlisting
The Approved M&Ms Fanlisting: M&Ms
M&Ms candies

 Monkees Greatest Hits
Monkees Greatest Hits: Monkees Greatest Hits
Greatest Hits album by the Monkees

 Nards, Amulets & Scary German Guy
Nards, Amulets & Scary German Guy: Monster Squad
The movie "Monster Squad"

 In Love Tonight
In Love Tonight: Ready To Fall
Song "Ready to Fall" sung by Joey Fatone (of NYSNC) in "On the Line"

 Crimes of Passion
Crimes of Passion: Silk Stalkings
TV show "Silk Stalkings" starring Rob Estes and Mitzi Kapture

 Taste of Summer
Taste of Summer: Snocone
For snocones (or snowballs) - shaved ice, flavored syrup - great summertime treat!

 Forget To Speak...
Forget To Speak...: Something Like You
For the song "Something Like You" by *NSYNC

Addicted: The Breakaway Album
For Kelly Clarkson's 2nd album, "Breakaway"

 Me Manifesto
Me Manifesto: Will Friedle
For Will Friedle best known as "Eric Matthews" on "Boy Meets World"

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